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Let Dr. Jenna and her husband, Dr. Joey Zellars build a personalized care program just for you. 

They will find out your needs, your current state of health and create a plan for you to set you on the path toward optimal health and wellbeing! 

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Healthy Body. Healthy Mind
I help you return your body to its natural healthy state. I offer coaching services as well to help you align your body and mind so you achieve the ability to stay healthy long term.
Higher Energy Levels
Discover higher energy levels without coffee or energy drinks. We will develop a holistic lifestyle plan that will bring you energy, alignment within your entire body and a desire to get outside and have fun!
 Whole Family Wellness
I provide wellness services for your entire family. Whether you are pregnant, nursing, or you have teenagers, my job is to keep your entire family healthy, aligned and well. Schedule a consult below!
Here's What Our Clients Are Saying
"Dr. Jenna is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I know.  I can assure you that if you have any misconceptions of chiropractic care just stop by and give Dr. Jenna a try. Her technique and philosophies were just what I was looking for. She really cares about "YOU" and your overall health. The care I continue to receive from Dr. Jenna still remains the best experience I have ever had."
Annamarie Stewart
"You will like Dr. Jenna a lot.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful.  She has met me during off hours to help me when our schedules collided!  What Dr. would do that?  That is serious dedication.  My case has been difficult for her but I am making progress and I am very thankful to her for her patience and her skills.  Dr. Jenna is very calming and soft spoken so if you are hard of hearing like me, you will need to crank up the hearing aid to hear her...  I have only been to 3 Chiropractors in my life but I am sure she is the best of the three!"
John Fischer
"Dr. Jenna is so compassionate with me and my little boys. The environment is casual, welcoming and she has helped me structurally address spinal issues more than any other chiropractor.  I'm very thankful for her and my boys LOVE going to see her for adjustments!"
Marla Finley
Do you want me to help you become aligned and healthy and finally get the results you deserve?
I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic serving Rockwall, TX.  I love helping men, women and families discover their health potential and go from barely making it through the day to fully THRIVING in their health and in their lives.

I specialize in Family Healthcare and Wellness, as well as Nutrition and mindset. I believe in Holistic Healing and that all aspects of the Mind, Body and Soul contribute to a healthy body and a thriving life.
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