Dr. Joe was my chiropractor until I moved to Kansas. I was seeing him when he was a student intern at Parker and followed him after. He is very thorough in his processes and procedures and actually found the root cause of my pain. Though working with him, we were able to get me back to full function and I can not say enough good things about him.

Bennett Patterson

Walked in bc I slept wrong and had major neck pain and tingling in my fingers. After my adjustment with Dr. Joey, I had the most restful night and work up pain free and refreshed. Highly recommend.

Judy Liscano

Dr. Zellers is AMAZING! He is kind, a good listener and he really cares about his patients! After his initial analysis, he knew exactly what to target and now my body feels excellent! I highly recommend him, you will not regret it! Thank you Dr. Zellers!!!!

Vanessa Chatman

Dr. Joe is great! I have seen several chiropractors over the years and I have always felt they over adjust me. Not Dr Joe! I feel great after seeing him. I use to feel like I needed to go back for an adjustment a few days later with my old Chiropractors but with Dr. Joe I can go more than 2 weeks before I feel I need to go back, because of my own doing! My neck hasn't felt this good since I was in high school (very long time ago)! I am so happy I decided to try Dr. Joe out and you will be too!

Erin Dale

Dr.Z has helped me so much, from improving my quality of life and even my comfort at work. I am a full time lash artist, so I tend to sit down all day and lean forward/downward quite a bit. And due to this, my hands began to tingle and feel numb! I honestly thought it was the beginning stages of carpel tunnel. So, I found Dr.Z to mostly help me with my hand numbness. But, he helped to cure so much more than that! After trusting the process and going back as per his care plan, I noticed my hands would not hurt/fall asleep as much and even my back was feeling better! I've had more energy, better posture and sitting hasn't been hurting my hips and neck so much anymore as well. I highly recommend Dr.Z to my friends, family, and you! He is very professional, personal, and likes to educate his clients on what he is doing. If you looking for personalized care and great bedside manner - You want to get in with Summit Chiropractic!!!!!!

Haley Sun

Dr Z does a wonderful job keeping me Pain Free! I've been getting adjusted regularly for 8 years and enjoy so many benefits. Balanced Alignment, No Back Pain or Sciatic Nerve Pain! Routine care makes all the difference.

Amanda Buster

Excellent Chiropractor! Highly Recommend!

V Clarice Bradley

I would highly recommend Summit Chiropractic to anyone! Warm and friendly care and simply just great people. I have been very pleased with all of the care that my family has received and would suggest anyone looking for wellness care to visit Summit Chiropractic and Dr. Zellars!

John Earl Thomas

I LOVE it here!!! Totally on purpose and welcoming!!

Jenna Zellars

Passionate *and* knowledgeable

Jae-Elle Sweeney